Ruined King - Round 4: Into the Mist • Fawn •



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Description Later Masks by 2009jorose, AngelBuddyFilm, Annelabyrinth, Astroquatic, BeautifulDreamer, Blueberry Crossovers, BlueHeartTattoo, DreamingWithDragons, FableSecrets, keyin, LadyofTheSea, lambydance, Loveandheartbreak, Munelight, Multifandom Films, Pastard, PeanutbutterjellyXx, QuickWhitStudio, Selenethewerewolf, SpaceMeta, UnstableObsessions, WolfSpirit79, WovilettaNr2, xDivineMemoriesx, and me!! Manips of Tinkerbell with wings cut off by DreamingWithDragons 7:17 Miguel mask reconstructed by LadyofTheSea Backgrounds and fire provided by DreamingWithDragons Huge thanks to all my fellow contestants, I would not have been able to do this without you guys! _ All of this is fair use! Look it up.

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Ruined King - Round 4: Into the Mist • Fawn •
Ruined King - Round 4: Into the Mist • Fawn •
Ruined King - Round 4: Into the Mist • Fawn •
Ruined King - Round 4: Into the Mist • Fawn •
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2023-11-18 08:33:02


2023-11-18 00:59:55

Fantastic job Sophie!! This part is so great with the flashbacks! I’m glad we got to learn more about Fawn. And awesome job with the manips.

2023-11-18 00:51:11

I should be sleeping. I will after watching this masterpiece.
I will just say this! #Breaking my heart when I should sleep! #Therapy for All!!

My heart bleeds and crys!
Gahh the cry7ng and screaming sounds! I can't anymore!! No wait I am crying! Damn it Sophie!

Also this thing protecting someone. Yeah cause Amnesia to forget everything! Love Fawn calling her out! I hate manipulation like that!

Elias you freaking piece of shit!

Okay. Okay. I am tired. I need sleep! My heart... it aches this is too much! I have no words!❤❤😭😭

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